You’re here to do something extraordinary.                                                  

It’s always been there – a voice rising from your core, calling you to something more…nudging you, even though life is good, to keep moving forward – that if you settle here, you won’t fulfill what you came here to do.

It’s something still tucked inside you…waiting to be expressed. Something you want with all your heart and soul …a dream you don’t dare say out loud. Your whole life’s been preparing and leading you to this moment.

It’s not a call to merely improve your life, but transform it – to let go of the life you planned, open your heart and be guided to something far more magnificent.

It’s the call of your soul, inviting you to a new way of being

where you feel…

Free to be you

Vibrant, passionate and expansive

Loved and appreciated for who you really are

Confident in your own knowingness

Clear on your purpose

Surrounded by everything you need

And deeply connected with others at a soul level

It’s the promise of what’s possible…when you step out, let go and trust

It’s exhilarating…and terrifying.

Thinking about it gets you jittery-excited…then fear and doubt creeps in. What if you can’t? What if it’s the one hurdle you can’t overcome? Maybe you need to accept what is. After all, life’s so much better than it was.

Besides, it’s crazy. How will you support yourself? What makes you think you can do that? Others chime in. “How can you be so selfish?” “You want to do that NOW?!” “But sweetie, you know you’re not good at that.”

Why put yourself out there to get squished? If you tell the truth…share how you feel…let people see who you really are, you open yourself up to be judged and rejected. Plus, as hard as you’ve tried, some people won’t grow with you…which means leaving them behind and going it alone. Is it really worth it?

Still…deep-down, you know what has to change. It’s why you’ve avoided going here…hoping for a better option. But you’ve tolerated things as they are and sacrificed parts of yourself far too long. It’s taking its toll.

You’re ready for a change…but how?

After years of successfully working through your own process, you’ve hit a plateau and your usual ways of breakthrough don’t seem to work. This is the moment you catch our attention!

You’ve arrived at the gate to one of the most rewarding legs of your journey. You’re at the core – having exhausted everything you know…ready to enter the powerful and mysterious realm of the unknown. You’re between worlds, teetering on the precipice of a life-altering choice – where most people turn back.

But you know…you have to go here. It’s what your whole life’s been about.

It’s the great journey of your soul

…and it’s not for the weak-of-heart!

Here, most maps end. It’s unlike any place you’ve been. What worked before, doesn’t work here. It’s a forest with no obvious trail…and those who venture here, quickly find themselves alone. As you go deeper, you no longer see the old world. Everything familiar slips away, leaving you in a disorienting fog.

It’s the world between worlds, stripping away the old…to make way for the new – the perceived nothingness, vibrating with the invisible energy of what’s about to manifest. But if you don’t see the absolute perfection of it, doubt creeps in.

You don’t know which way is up anymore or where it’s leading…if anywhere. You thought you were listening to your intuition, but now you’re not sure. Maybe you’re just fooling yourself. Confused and discouraged, many turn back to the familiarity of their old world…not knowing they were almost there. The thing is…

It doesn’t have to be this difficult!

When we (Sue and Kate) first ventured into this part of our personal journey, we felt very much on our own.  We didn’t really know each other yet…family and friends certainly didn’t get it…and there weren’t many resources for transforming at this level.

The first time we talked, we talked for hours – both hungry to know we weren’t alone, we weren’t crazy and someone else “gets it.” Since then, we’ve learned a lot more about navigating this “world between worlds,” but at the time, simply having someone else who “got” it, made the rest of the journey so much easier!

Life took off for both of us, going much further than if we had done it alone. Once a friend marveled at how fast we grow…because we constantly challenge, encourage and work through things together.

Meanwhile, we saw equally-capable people step out, only to get discouraged and fall back into old patterns. They had such fantastic ideas and beautiful gifts, but without more support and guidance, fear and doubt took over.

Of course, it’s part of their process…and at the same time, what a waste! People go about their day-to-day lives harboring gifts the world will never see. No matter how much they numb and distract, it gnaws at their insides, yearning to be expressed. Why not make it easier?!

That’s when we decided to form CORE Calling,

offering healers, teachers, social leaders and other big-hearted visionaries
a place to turn for advanced guidance and community.

No matter how capable, intelligent or determined you are…some things you can’t do on your own. It’s a key difference between any prior growth you’ve done versus where you’re headed. It takes more than one person – you need community – a healthy, powerful team of spirited souls, committed to challenge & uplift each other.

People who…

Hold the big picture and point out the path when things get fuzzy

Traveled this journey enough times to know what works and what doesn’t

Create a powerful, uplifting space that feels safe to expand your edges

Bring new ideas, talents, contacts, etc so you don’t have to do it all

Remind you of your truth when you temporarily lose sight of it

Listen and honor your ability to find your own answers

Offer outside perspective and honest feedback

Lighten things up when you get discouraged

Walk alongside and affirm you’re not crazy

Accept and see who you really are

Celebrate and cry with you

See through your bullshit

Talk about what matters

Play and have fun

 Why struggle on your own, when it’s much faster, easier and more fun together?!

Plus, we’ve strategically designed all our programs to guide you step-by-step

so all you have to do is show up and say yes
…knowing the rest will take care of itself

It’s time to…

Find your Tribe

Feel at home in an instant community of like-hearted souls who see the real truth of who you are, deeply appreciate what you have to offer and rally together to transform your passion, dreams and ideas into reality.

Get Free

Cut the strings of guilt, obligation and nagging self-doubt…to answer the higher call of your soul. Let go and allow the vast abundance to flow through you, powerfully creating exactly what you want.

Be Real

Feel relaxed, confident and centered in your own knowingness – freely expressing all of who you are. Finally open your heart to love whole-heartedly…feeling deeply connected at a soul-level.

Live on Purpose

Stand clear and confident in your exact purpose…knowing now that you’re clear, nothing can get in your way. Simply by being you and following your passion, you serve as a powerful inspiration for others.

Listen to a deeper voice.

You’re here for a reason…and you don’t have time to waste. You’re called to fling open the doors and be part of a new world…a more soulful way of living. It’s a world so real…so exquisite, you can’t possibly see it from here. But deep in your heart, you sense it. You’re so close – and the closer you get, the more excited you feel.

After all this time, here you are…standing at the precipice.
You have all the resources you need. You’re ready.

All you have to do…is say Yes.

See you on the journey,